PG 700 CNC

High Precision Profile Cutter Grinding Machine

Product information

The PG 700 CNC of the SRM Line has been specially designed for grinding of cutters for screw pump and compressor rotors.
Cutters up to Ø500 mm can be ground with extremely high accuracy, which can reduce and completely remove the need for finish grinding.
Thanks to the flexible swiveling grinding spindle, integrated probe measuring functions and the specially designed software.

Technical specification  PG 700 CNC

 Rapid traverse
Pos. Accuracy
X 700 mm
0.0001 mm
10 m/sec
1.2 µm
Y 300 mm
0.0001 mm
10 m/sec 1.2 µm
Z 300 mm
0.0001 mm
10 m/sec 1.2 µm
0.0001 °
37.5 Rpm
± 1.8 ”
C ± 95 °
0.0001 ° 
2160 °/min
± 1.8 ”

All axis equipped with external encoders from Heidenhain.

Workhead, B-axis

Clamping interface          HSK-100 or ISO-50
Max cutter diameter        ⌀500mm


Grinding spindle

Spindle speed                  0-25000 rpm
Spindle power                 43 kW
Max grinding wheel       ⌀300mm

CNC Control
Fanuc 30iMB

Measuring probe ( Renishaw MP 250 )

Touch trigger                                       Strain-gauged techn.
Unidirectional repeatability               0.25 µm
3D-lobing in X,Y and Z                        ±1µm
Stylus trigger force                              0.08N


Dressing unit

Dresser speed                                        4000 rpm
Maximum dresser wheel                      150 mm