Fanuc 160i MB
6-axes digital servo drives
Prepared for 4 extra axes for automatic loading operations.
ISO-based programming
Fully integrated Windows based PC
Windows 98, N/T or 2000
Ethernet network prepared
Full ASCII keyboard
15” colour LCD screen
DVD ROM reader
3.5” floppy drive
RS 232 and USB interface
PC-card modem for remote service diagnosis.
Windows Based Programs
In-house made and maintained
Truly flexible and easy to use
For manufacturing and resharpening.
Graphic simulation
Create your own tool standard

ISO Based Free Programming
For special tools and profiles
Programs can be created by operator or with assistance of Jungner.

Pallet Loading
Unattended operation for one shift.
Storing up to 150 tools
Two pneumatic grippers on one arm.
Quick change of pallets
Loading unit controlled by same CNC control as grinder.
Tool Holder/Wheel Hub loading
Up to 8 wheel hubs changing
Individual tools in high precision holders.
Separate storage cabinet

Wheel Dressing

Break roller for dressing straight surfaces and corners on regular CBN and diamond grinding wheels. More..


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